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PTSA = Parent Teacher Student Association. Homeschool families are a whole PTSA wrapped into one!

We serve all homeschooling families in the Greater Eastside regardless of religious affiliation or method of homeschooling.



Eastside Homeschool PTSA is looking for Officers for the 2015-2016 year.

So many of you have used/are using the awesome resources available through our EHS PTSA. Attend EH Co-op, Emerson K-12, or EHS PTSA Enrichment Classes? You are doing so because of the many EHS PTSA volunteers that work to make those programs happen. Attend a Homeschool 101, Homeschool Resource Fair, or do you use the Eastsidehomeschoolptsa.org or the EHSPTSA Facebook page to help you find resources? All EHS PTSA time and energy.

We have been supporting the amazingly diverse Greater Eastside homeschool community (regardless of your religious affiliation or method of homeschooling) for 3 years and need volunteers to take on the leadership for the coming year. Do you have 2-10 hours per month to dedicate to supporting local homeschooling families – and having fun with the awesome group of homeschooled parents on the board?  We need more homeschooled kids in this world and want to help parents make that happen! Be a part of this great non-profit corporation.

Below is a list of the job requirements and approx. hours needed per month. Please send a message to contactus@eastsidehomeschoolptsa.org with your name and number and we will call you to talk about the possibilities.

Let us know by THURSDAY, MAY 14th. We look forward to talking with you. Thank you!

President: Approx. 8-10 hours per month

  • Organize and run a minimum of two board meetings per year.
  • At least once a month, touch base with the EH Co-op Board, the Emerson K-12 Parent’s
  • Board, and the EHS PTSA Enrichment Classes leaders.
  • Keep on top of the corporation’s legal requirements (elections, budgeting, training requirements, taxes.)
  • Help the other elected officials and the entire board to work through issues and brainstorm new fun ideas.
  • In addition, one PTSA class is required (between 1 – 4 hours per year.)

Vice-President:  Approx. 1-2 hours per month.

  • Help the President to keep updated on activities, issues, and successes at the EH Co-op, Emerson K-12 Parent’s Group, and the EHS PTSA Enrichment Classes.
  • Help the other elected officials and the entire board to work through issues and brainstorm new fun ideas.
  • In addition one, PTSA class is required (between 1 – 4 hours per year.)

Secretary:  Approx. 2-4 hours per month.

  • Help pull the agenda together for the few meetings per year.
  • During the meeting, help to make sure we follow Roberts Rules (at least when taking votes.)
  • Write up minutes and distribute them to all the board and interested parties.
  • Send out minute updates throughout the year as needed to get events onto our official calendar.
  • Can include monitoring of the EHS PTSA email boxes and forwarding messages onto others. (This responsibility can be share by many volunteers.)
  • Help the other elected officials and the entire board to work through issues and brainstorm new fun ideas.
  • In addition, one PTSA class is required (between 1 – 4 hours per year.) 

Extras that can be added if desired (but are not required.)

  • Volunteer to help run events (we will not be doing more than 2-3 per year until we get more volunteer involvement.)
  • Talk to new homeschool parents that reach out to us for support.
  • Help run the EHS PTSA Enrichment program on Thursday afternoons.


Now Enrolling! Thursday afternoon enrichment classes

Please join EHS PTSA on Thursday afternoon on the EmersonK12 campus for our first round of Enrichment Classes 3 pm – 5 pm. Great offerings, Great teachers, Great prices! 
These classes are organized by the PTSA, are open to all Eastside homeschoolers, and are NOT affiliated with the local school district. Our partner organization, the EmersonK12 Parents Board, has generously arranged for classroom space on the EmersonK12 campus for the PTSA to offer these exciting enrichment options to the Eastside homeschooling community.


 Information Sharing:

Looking to connect with other homeschooling families or just learn what other families are doing or how they’re doing it? Join us!  

EHS PTSA Partners:

Emerson K-12 Parents

Emerson K-12 Parent’s group is partnered with our PTSA. Emerson K12 is an alternative learning school as part of the Lake Washington School District. The Parent’s group puts on events for the kids and adults to create wonderful connections for their families.

Eastside Homeschool Co-Op

EH Co-op is also partnered with our PTSA and they provide low-cost classes on Mondays and Fridays out of the Jubilee Reach building in Bellevue. Excellent classes for the kids, great connections for the adults. 

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EHS PTSA is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation. We run on volunteer energy and donations. Would you like to help us? Contact us for volunteer opportunities, or make a donation. Thank you.