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PTSA = Parent Teacher Student Association.  Homeschool families are a whole PTSA wrapped into one! We serve all homeschooling families in the Greater Eastside regardless of religious affiliation or method of homeschooling.





 Homeschool Events, Homeschool Classes, Homeschool Announcements

Any and all resources for Eastside Homeschoolers can be listed here on our website on our HOT Resources Page. This service will be given FREE to any organization offering homeschooler classes, events, and products.  This is provided as a way to support our homeschool community and encourage all businesses that are supporting us.

There is no restriction on the type of business or organization that may post (e.g. secular or non-secular, privately owned or corporations/businesses.)  Independent teachers, businesses catering to homeschoolers, social groups and clubs, parks and rec classes, products for homeschoolers, all are welcome.

Priority will be given to homeschool-specific classes/events. Other businesses that offer events or products that homeschoolers might be interested in are welcome to submit their notices as well.

 The Rules:

  1. Each business/organization is allowed to send us one post per month. 

  2. Text should be no more than 50 words.

  3. Logos, mini-flyers, small photos can be submitted. 

  4. We reserve the right to resize the flyer/photos and edit the text for grammar.

  5. We also reserve the right to reject a post if inappropriate for our audience. We will work with you to assure that your post is the most effective it can be.

  6. Submit your notice to Donna at contactus@eastsidehomeschoolptsa.org.

 We look forward to helping you by being a one-stop-shop for all things homeschooling on the Eastside.



 Information Sharing:

Looking to connect with other homeschooling families or just learn what other families are doing or how they’re doing it? Join us!  

EHS PTSA Partners:

Emerson K-12 Parents

Emerson K-12 Parent’s group is partnered with our PTSA. Emerson K12 is an alternative learning school as part of the Lake Washington School District. The Parent’s group puts on events for the kids and adults to create wonderful connections for their families.

Eastside Homeschool Co-Op

EH Co-op is also partnered with our PTSA and they provide low-cost classes on Mondays and Fridays out of the Jubilee Reach building in Bellevue. Excellent classes for the kids, great connections for the adults. 

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EHS PTSA is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation. We run on volunteer energy and donations. Would you like to help us? Contact us for volunteer opportunities, or make a donation. Thank you.